Google AdWords Management Service in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

  • How do you find out what keywords to bid in your AdWords campaign?
  • What is the right bid amount for a keyword phrase?
  • How to choose the right keyword matching type?

Google isn’t just a search engine. It’s also an important advertising platform. Organic search results, based on your website’s SEO implementation and content, show up as the main part of every search results page. If we’ve designed your website, our expertise and knowledge will deliver great rankings in organic search listings. Most Google users prefer to select sites to visit in these organic listings. For businesses with heavy competition and other special needs, though, AdWords advertising can generate an additional boost to your web traffic. The paid listings appear above and on the right side of the organic search results, and offer searchers another way to find relevant websites.

Unlike organic search results, using Google pay-per-click advertising costs you money every time when a user clicks on your ad. In its simplest form, you pay each time when Google sends your website a visitor. How much you’re willing to spend is up to you. An effective advertising program can produce excellent results at a very affordable cost. A poorly managed campaign, though, will deplete your budget in a short period and give you nothing in return. Some business owners try to handle their own PPC marketing. That’s always a bad idea. As part of our internet search engine marketing consulting services, we help our clients with their pay-per-click management. AdWords campaigns can be very complex, as you’ll see below, in our guide to its basics.

How AdWords Pay-Per-Click Advertising Works

The simplest form of PPC marketing is the starting point. AdWords is based on an auction model. When searchers type in keywords and phrases, Google displays ads selected for those keywords. Advertisers bid for placement positions by setting the maximum amount they’re willing to pay. Then, by comparing bid amounts and a long list of factors, the search engine ranks ads for those keywords and displays them in order of relevance and bid price. Your ad might appear above others, in the middle, or not appear at all, depending on its ranking. Below is the basic process for AdWords PPC campaigns. For each step, there are many options:

Google makes these steps easy and offers a wide range of choices for each step. You can customize almost everything. You’ll make many decisions for each campaign, ad group and target keyword group. Although online help and advice is always available, it can be rather confusing. Starting an AdWords campaign seems so easy that many small business owners decide that they can manage their own PPC advertising. Through consulting with business owners, we have found that AdWords campaigns managed by these business owners end up throwing money away without getting measurable results. Google will gladly spend every cent of your PPC marketing budget, whether you benefit or not. They give you the tools for success, and hope you’ll do well, but if you don’t know how to take advantage of these tools, you will end up spending much more unnecessarily and unwisely. The reality is that successful AdWords advertising is a very complex and technical process. Professional management is crucial to bringing qualified traffic from PPC. Jumping in on your own is not smart business.

Most business owners who manage their own PPC campaigns make the wrong assumption that this is all about how much they bid. But in fact, the bidding price is ONLY one of the important factors in deciding how high your ads rank and how much your cost per click is. Your competition, the relevance of your ads, the keywords you target, and the optimization of your landing pages all play an important role in your cost. If you keep increasing your bid amount in order to increase your rankings, you will get outsmarted by your competitors. Both Google and your competitors benefit from your poor management of your pay-per-click advertising.

Professional PPC Management and Consulting Services – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Pay-per-click advertising with Google’s AdWords is part of search engine marketing. Extensive research and expertise at iRevamp, a Minneapolis locally owned and operated search engine marketing company, is your best assurance for long-lasting success. From advice and consulting on AdWords marketing to complete management of your Google advertising, iRevamp helps you get maximum return from your marketing budget. We know Google intimately, and we understand user behavior through extensive research. We’ll help you focus on managing your business, instead of spending your valuable time on PPC details. If you’re thinking about adding paid search engine marketing, contact us first for a consultation.