Pay-Per-Click Management for Google AdWords in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

  • Why is how much you bid for keywords less important than you think?
  • Why isn’t your bid amount what you pay for a click?
  • Should you always aim at No. 1 position for pay-per-click listings?

Time and time again, the AdWords management consultants at our Minnesota search engine marketing company hear from clients about their pay-per-click advertising problems. Often, they complain that they keep raising their bids for clicks, but their Google paid ads still aren’t getting top placement or aren’t even showing up. When they do appear, they often aren’t getting clicked or don’t create new leads and customers. Here’s what we tell them: There’s much more to effective PPC than how much you bid or how much you are willing to pay. The truth is that other factors have much more impact on your ad rankings and effectiveness than the bid amount.

As the leading search engine, Google has soared in popularity. The main reason that most internet users choose Google over other search engines is the accurate, relevant information presented by the search engine. If you keep getting irrelevant search results in the paid advertisements or organic listings, would you stay loyal to Google or would you switch to Bing or Yahoo? In order to maintain its user base, Google’s top concern is to present relevant search results. In the paid advertisement section, no matter how much you are willing to pay, Google will not show your listing if it thinks your ads have little to do with the users’ search intent. If your competitors’ ads are a closer match to what searchers look for, they will rank higher even if their bid amounts are much lower than yours. Your goal is to keep your cost low and get top rankings through smart PPC management.

Understanding Google’s Ad Ranking Process Is Essential

Most business owners don’t actually understand how AdWords PPC auctions really work. Although your bid amount is important in establishing where your ad appears, it’s just one of the factors Google considers when someone types in a keyword or phrase. Those other factors are actually more important than the bid, and often result in ads with lower bids appearing higher on the results page than those with higher bids. Here’s a shocking fact: An ad with the highest bid may not appear at all. The factors that Google considers when ranking ads for every keyword search include:

Every time a Google user searches, an auction takes place to determine which ads will appear on the search results pages. The ranking numbers for all of the factors listed above are added up, and the order of ads that appear is determined. The ad with the highest overall rank appears at the top, whether it has the highest bid or not. That’s why just bidding higher and higher doesn’t get you top rankings and can cost you plenty. If you focus on ad quality and link page relevance instead, you’ll get far better results than just by bidding higher. Don’t forget: relevance and quality are by far the most important factor in what really matters: conversion of website visitors.

Best PPC Consulting and Management Service for Businesses in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

The complexity of Google AdWords system means that many DIY pay-per-click efforts don’t pay off. Learning all the ins and outs of PPC advertising takes patience and plenty of time. New features and tools are added constantly and they can help enhance your ability to advertise smartly. However, most business owners simply don’t know how to take advantage of these new tools to gain an advantage. For our seasoned search engine marketing and management consultants at iRevamp, understanding every aspect of AdWords advertising is our job. Creating top-ranking websites and powerful PPC campaigns is a matter of quality. We understand that and make great results our ultimate goal in everything we do. The quality and relevance of both the Google ads we create for you and the landing pages on the websites we design are your assurance of success. Contact iRevamp today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your online advertising. We’ll show you how we can help grow your business.