Google AdWords and Pay-Per-Click Management Service in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

  • Do you know how to pay less for lead-generating keywords?
  • Can you force your competitors to pay more for keywords?
  • How do you use Google AdWords new features to your advantage?

Google is much more than just a search engine. For small and medium-sized businesses, its AdWords advertising can be a very effective addition to comprehensive search engine optimization. While organic optimization remains the primary way to attract new clients and customers to your website, PPC marketing can capture more traffic. Many businesses have seen success from AdWords campaigns that generate qualified leads and customers while keeping the cost under control. That’s especially true for highly competitive businesses, where competition for organic search rankings is fierce.

All too often, though, business owners believe that they can handle their own PPC marketing. Frankly, that’s a big costly mistake. As Google has made AdWords marketing options more and more complex, the time and knowledge required for efficient PPC campaign management has increased. In addition, concentrating only on how much to bid for specific keyword phrases misses the mark. Even selecting the right keywords can be confusing, leading to costly mistakes. As a result, many businesses spend a great deal of money for wasted clicks and unwanted traffic.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Is More Complicated Than Most Business Owners Realize

AdWords ranking algorithms are very complex and sophisticated in determining ad display positions and cost. Google considers many factors, so if you’re bidding without understanding the crucial factors for rankings and cost, you will be forced to pay more for lower display positions. When our pay-per-click managers run your account, you have the most seasoned professionals on the job who have over 10 years of experience. Good returns on your investment depend on getting everything just right. Here, we will help you understand more about PPC marketing strategies:

Professional AdWords Management Company in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Google’s AdWords programs are not a panacea for success. They’re just a part of a comprehensive internet marketing plan. Used effectively and managed by our seasoned consultants, they can add additional potential to your existing online marketing. If you’ve experimented with PPC campaigns, but haven’t gotten the increase in leads and sales that you expected, just call iRevamp. We’ll offer a free analysis and consultation and suggest a plan, but only one that will be a solid strategy customized for your company. We understand Google intimately, and can leverage your pay-per-click strategies to produce maximum returns.