Search Engine Optimization Service in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

  • Did you hire your web designer to be in charge of search engine optimization?
  • Did you ever Google your web design company’s rankings?
  • Do you know how cheap SEO can hurt your website’s rankings?

By now, everyone has heard of search engine optimization and marketing. They’re the most-used buzzwords in the industry. Search engine optimization consulting services and sky-high promises are offered by every web design company in the Minneapolis St. Paul area. The reality is that 99% web designers have no idea how to optimize a website for top Google rankings. Some fly-by-night companies advertise that they can give you top placement in Google search listings at cheap prices. These empty promises from clueless website design companies and shady SEO firms sound great, because business owners are not familiar with how search engines work. The facts: You can pay dearly for promises, but you won’t get real leads, sales or customers that are crucial for your bottom line.

Search engines emerged early in the history of the internet. When they started, it wasn’t too difficult to climb to the top of search rankings because the ranking algorithms were fairly simple and the number of web sites was relatively low. Those days are long gone, as the number of web sites has increased astronomically. Today, Google leads the way and has the largest share of the online search market. They’ve developed remarkably accurate analysis techniques to provide search results that give its searchers what they want: web sites with authentic, relevant information. Google’s amazing success is based on matching search phases and questions closely with web sites that contain answers, solutions and tips useful to its searchers. Today, outdated SEO techniques and strategies fail miserably.

People Looking for Information Are 95% of Your Website’s Visitors

Almost every visit to a business website comes from an inquiry conducted on a search engine. Top Google rankings have become the focus for most search engine optimization. Google constantly changes the ways it indexes and ranks websites. All of those changes are aimed at giving searchers the best possible results, leading them to websites that provide what they seek. As a leading SEO company in Minnesota, we constantly study the latest search algorithm changes. We’ve been doing that for over 10 years. We understand what Google is looking for and we build websites that consistently produce excellent search result placement. Here, you’ll learn more about your business can harness the power of search engine optimization and increase your business competitiveness.

Top-Notch Minnesota SEO Service in Minneapolis St. Paul

High-performance search engine optimization services are essential to the success of any website. If you hire a company to build your website that doesn’t truly understand the requirements to achieve top rankings, you might as well send your money through the shredder. Shortcuts, vague promises and antiquated optimization techniques are a complete waste. If you want real success, whatever business you are in, you need a company that specializes in SEO and completely understands what Google is looking for. Anything less will be useless to you over the long term. The search engine consultants at our Minneapolis SEO online marketing company have proven their abilities through the success of our clients. Contact iRevamp for a free consultation and price quote, and we’ll show you how we can achieve the exceptional rankings that beat your competition.