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  • Do you know what mistakes to avoid in your search engine optimization campaign?
  • Can you spam your way to the top of search rankings?
  • How do you make your top Google rankings last?

All SEO consulting services target top rankings at Google. It is the most used search engine on the internet. Yahoo and Bing are constantly trying to keep up with the leader. As Google continues to become more and more accurate in matching websites with searchers’ queries, its ranking algorithms are undergoing significant changes constantly to stay ahead. Google’s AdWords is also dominant in pay-per-click advertising. Every web designer and search engine optimization company hopes to find the secret ranking algorithm. An entire industry has developed to track the latest algorithm changes, trying to understand how to get high listings.

Since Google wants to give its users the most relevant websites for every search, it constantly refines the algorithms it uses to decide which websites it will present at the top. Major changes happen a few times a year, but minor updates happen more than once a day. There is continuous internet chatter about what those changes mean and how to take advantage of them. Trends develop and discussions of the latest techniques appear on numerous blogs. As a business owner, whose opinion do you trust? Google never reveals details of its ranking methods, so a lot of what is written by so-called SEO experts is just guesswork. At iRevamp, our team search engine optimizers recognized long ago that the details don’t matter as much as understanding what lies behind those changes. Here’s the truth about how your optimization can succeed:

In the past few years, search engines have started discouraging bad SEO practices by penalizing web sites that use outdated, unethical techniques. Keyword stuffing, duplicate content, doorway pages, worthless information and junk links are among some of the most common mistakes that business owners and unqualified SEO firms use. These spam techniques may get some spotty short-lived top rankings, but they can draw severe penalties that are difficult to recover from. Spam techniques sometimes get your top rankings briefly, but they always fail to create anything sustainable.

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When businesses trust their websites to incompetent web designers and clueless SEO consultants, they’re buying services that are based on a poor understanding of what Google, Yahoo and Bing want. While they may get some immediate rankings, faulty techniques can’t produce anything that lasts long. Real search engine optimization is based on a genuine understanding of the inner workings of ranking algorithms and the needs of website visitors. A well-designed website, loaded with outstanding content that skillfully incorporates target keywords and phrases searchers actually use will not only achieve excellent rankings, but will also accomplish the real goal: converting visitors into new customers and leads. Contact our SEO consulting company in Minneapolis and St. Paul and we’ll show you the real, long-term growth we have achieved for our clients. We offer you a price quote along with a detailed proposal.