Let Google Ranking Updates Work for Your Business SEO in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

  • How can Google updates help beat your competitors?
  • Why don’t real SEO professionals care about the latest Google change?
  • Do you really believe the internet rumors about ranking algorithm changes?

Every year, Google makes many changes in how it ranks websites. Some of those changes are major while others are part of large updates to its ranking algorithms. Throughout the year, though, the search engine fine-tunes its ranking methods in small ways, as well. All of these changes create a scramble in the world of SEO consultants and companies. They try to figure out exactly what Google did and how its updates affected rankings. Because of the proprietary nature of search ranking methods, no one outside Google will ever know exactly how the algorithms have been changed or improved. That doesn’t stop the search engine optimization community from speculating, guessing, and hoping they can figure out what to do. From clueless amateurs to seasoned professionals, everyone seems to know exactly what happened with each update and have come up better ways to optimize websites.

For the majority of SEO consultants and companies, trying to use the latest tricks and search engine marketing has become a way of gaming Google. They believe that there’s always a new technique to fool Google, Bing and Yahoo into ranking websites highly. With every major Google update or even the rumors of an update, there is a frantic search for the latest technique, because the tricks that most web optimization consulting service firms used prior to the update won’t keep working. The hidden risk of this approach is that it ignores what search engines want in the first place and can end up hurting, rather than improving a website’s performance.

Real SEO Success Is Based on Marketing Fundamentals

When Google was founded, our Minneapolis SEO company had already been building websites for our clients that produced real, measurable results. Yahoo was already the biggest source for online searches, and we cut our teeth on search engine marketing before most people knew what it was. When Google came along, we began studying what made its ranking algorithm superior so we could serve our clients even better. As Google became the leading search tool for internet users, we focused more closely on its core methods. We followed their press releases and announcements and listened to them. Very early, we identified the fundamental things they were trying to accomplish. We built our clients’ websites accordingly. Here’s what we have learned about its rankings fundamental that never change:

If your search engine optimization is done properly, Google algorithm updates should help your business by weeding out some of your competitors’ websites that employ spam techniques. Result-focused web optimizers give Google exactly what it looks for in order to achieve long-term success, instead of relying on the “trick of the day.”

Choose Your SEO Company Wisely and Stay Ahead of Competition

If you own a business, it is always a big red flag when a dishonest SEO company or consultant tries to sell you low-quality services based on the latest rumors about Google SEO techniques. Google regular updates and changes are designed to make it more difficult to game its system by rendering various manipulative techniques useless. Even worse, what is considered a legitimate optimization technique today may be flagged as spam tomorrow. Search engines have taken serious efforts in combating spam by penalizing websites that employ outdated techniques. If your website was optimized by one of those unqualified consultants who focus on the latest Google updates while ignoring the fundamentals of powerful marketing, you can be sure they’ll try to sell you an upgrade every time there is a Google update. Each ranking algorithm update is a chance for them to get more money from your business. Avoid falling into such a trap that can seriously hurt your growth.

As the most reputable search engine optimization consulting firm in Minneapolis and St. Paul, we learned the real goals of Google, Yahoo and Bing very early. To meet those goals, we don’t rely on the latest techniques or tricks or slavishly follow the latest trends in optimizing the websites. Instead, we design user-friendly websites with top-rated SEO and seamlessly weave a wide range of target keywords and phrases into our dynamic, conversion-oriented content. Google values the relevant terms on our websites, and recognizes that our outstanding content is the most useful information that their searchers are looking for.

Search Engine Optimization for Top Google Rankings in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Every consultant at iRevamp understands online marketing fundamentals. That’s why our websites consistently deliver top rankings over the long term. We constantly monitor Google closely, listen to what they’re saying, and improve what we do. Even more importantly, our websites deliver what businesses need: contacts, new leads, customers and clients. That’s the secret of our success. It’s hard work, but the results we get give us our outstanding reputation for solid performance. Are you tired of getting nothing more than sky-high promises and lame excuses from your website marketing company? Contact us for a free consultation, proposal and price quote. We’ll show you why and explain how we can transform your online marketing to beat your competition.