Optimizing Web Content for Top Search Rankings in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

  • Why is your web content crucial to search engine optimization?
  • How long do your online visitors stay on your website?
  • Does your website provide any information that is worth reading?

Search engines understand web sites primarily through the keywords extracted from the web content. Some of the target keyword and phrase optimization that affects search engine rankings is never noticed by web visitors. It’s imbedded in the website’s architecture and is integral to its design. That’s why websites created by web optimizers perform much better than those designed by graphic artists. The optimization that is less noticeable to visitors is limited in its influence on rankings, though. The content that visitors read plays an extremely important role in informing search engines about what keyword searches that the web site is relevant to. Whether the content is well optimized has a direct impact on the website’s ranking and conversion.

The text content includes both navigational information and the actual marketing writing that visitors read. For maximal optimization, a wide range of relevant keywords and phrases must be included in the content. Your content has another job, though, and that job is crucial. It must communicate clearly and compellingly with your potential customers. It has to tell your story, provide information that searchers are looking for, lead visitors through the website and convert them into leads, clients and customers. Website content that does both jobs effectively is very rare.

Google Knows Your Web Content

Google is not really interested in your business, unless you have a website that is valuable to its users. That comes as a surprise to most business owners. All search engines care about just one thing: their own users. Google, Bing and Yahoo want to show their users the best possible websites for every search. That’s how they make money. Google knows that searchers are looking for answers, solutions and tips. So, it ranks websites with more matching, relevant information higher than those with less. As Google crawls through all of the websites on the internet to add their content to its vast database, here’s what it’s looking for and the questions it asks.

Longer stay time is a strong indicator that visitors find your website highly relevant to what they are looking for. It also is highly associated with high visitor-to-lead conversion. Information concerning what visitors care about is valuable to both search engines and your potential customers. Many business owners make wrong assumptions about what visitors truly care about and put out useless, or even spam information that no visitors care to read.

Professional Copywriters Satisfy Both Google and Website Visitors

Giving search engines what they are looking for, while providing information in an interesting, dynamic and compelling way to visitors is challenging. That’s why only experienced professional copywriters should be trusted with your online content. Amateurs, internet content mills, and writers without long experience in creating online marketing content can’t help you with your SEO efforts. Even worse are writers who engage in keyword stuffing and other strategies that automatically cause lower rankings. Seasoned professional copywriters are paid well for their talent and capabilities. Their content helps you reach your marketing goals. For top-notch search engine marketing and real-world visitor conversion, insist on professional writers with proven histories.

Most Reliable Search Engine Optimization Service – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Many Twin Cities web design companies put content quality and search engine rankings low on their priority list. That diminishes website performance. Our proven internet marketing company recognizes that only an integrated strategy can produce success. At iRevamp, everyone understands how crucial every aspect of website design and content quality is. Our experienced, professional content writers meet search engines’ complex requirements while creating dynamic, optimized content that leads website visitors to contact you. Their content means business for you. Our writing team’s talent and skill are crucial to our success and yours. Contact us and we’ll show you how we have succeeded for our many clients.