Search Engine Optimization and Web Marketing in the Twin Cities, MN

  • Why don’t top Google rankings guarantee increased sales and revenue?
  • What are your customers’ biggest concerns in buying your products or services?
  • Why are your competitors’ websites better optimized for Google rankings?

The majority of website design companies are more concerned with their own business than in helping you succeed. They’ll quote you a high price for a website, promise you that they’ll “submit your website to Google, Yahoo and Bing,” and show you some fancy designs. If you hire them, they’ll plug your information into their standard templates, create a bare minimum of content and launch your website. Six months later, when your new website still isn’t bringing in new customers and clients, they’ll make excuses and try to sell you more worthless services. In the worst case, when you finally decide to fire them, you may discover that they actually own your domain name and have locked you in.

We’ve seen that disastrous situation over and over again. As a high-performance Twin Cities locally owned and operated web design and SEO company, we often have to begin by explaining to potential clients that they’ve wasted their website marketing and search engine optimization investment. Everyone at iRevamp wishes that wasn’t the case. Your business deserves much better service than that. We offer free website and internet marketing consultations as part of our initial process.

Here’s the bottom line: There’s no simple, fast or cheap way to create a successful lead-generating website that attracts, retains and converts visitors into new sales and customers. Internet marketing for any business is hard work and requires experience, professionalism and a thorough understanding of the complex world of search engines and website marketing. Every business absolutely needs a customized plan that takes in account the customers, the competition, the budget and the goals.

Twin Cities Most Trusted Online Marketing and Web Optimization Services

Unlike website marketing companies that are only interested in their own profits, iRevamp puts the needs of clients first. Providing you with maximum return on your investment is our highest priority. To make that happen, we combine proven search engine results strategies, effective website design and outstanding content to give your potential customers exactly what they’re looking for. We’ll create an internet marketing plan and well-optimized website that gets real measurable results in new revenue. That’s what we’ve done for every client since the internet began. Contact us for a free consultation of your current website. Let’s get started on the process of building your business through effective website and search engine marketing.