Why Social Media Fails for Most Businesses

  • Why is Facebook and Twitter marketing worthless to most small businesses?
  • Where would consumers go to search for products or services?
  • Do those who spend countless hours on Facebook or Twitter have any buying power?

Recently, a new form of internet marketing has emerged. Led by mostly young, recent graduates from colleges and universities, new ventures actively try to sell social media marketing services to businesses like yours. They are evangelists for what they know best: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs and other similar media. Most have no experience in business marketing and don’t understand how to attract potential customers. They’ll give you a pitch about building “Buzz” for your business through imaginary “friends,” meaningless “tweets,” or other tricks. They’ll tell you that websites are “Old School” and no longer relevant. They’re dead wrong, and falling for their hype will eat up your marketing budget without producing any real leads or sales.

Over 75% of Facebook and Twitter users are under the age 35. This group of people doesn’t have large disposable income, but they have plenty of time to spend online. If your company offers big-ticket niche products or services, chances are that these users don’t have the purchasing power. Those who do make big purchase decisions are rarely social media users. Search engines are the most reliable source for consumers who look for information before making purchase decisions, NOT Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook and Twitter Are for Social Interactions, Not Business Marketing

Social media buzz does work for some businesses. It can be effective for businesses like restaurants, nightclubs, entertainment companies, music venues, rock bands and a few others that can generate enough interest in the general public to have a large number of fans or followers. Their products and services must have a large customer base and are needed frequently by consumers. If that’s the business you’re in, it’s worth giving this type of marketing some thought. For most small and midsize businesses that offer products and services that customers may only need very infrequently, Facebook and Twitter fail to deliver. Most businesses that have tried it bail out of social media completely once they learn how worthless it is.

For Maximum Marketing Exposure, Your Website Is the Best Investment

Unless your business is one of the very few that can benefit from social media marketing, investing in such efforts will create zero return. As far too many people have discovered, most social media spending is like flushing money down the toilet. If you’re getting pitches from social media “experts,” call iRevamp for a free evaluation of your current website and internet marketing. Don’t be taken in by pie-in-the-sky promises. If your business is typical, investing in effective search engine optimization will produce real profits by bringing you new leads and customers. Let us show you the strong growths we’ve obtained for our clients and propose a plan to make your company more competitive.