Web Conversion Optimization for More Leads and Sales – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

  • Does more web traffic mean more leads and sales?
  • Do you know the top 5 concerns of your potential customers?
  • Why does web traffic from Facebook and Twitter have poor conversion?

Internet marketing efforts are useless unless they consistently produce active leads and bring in new customers or clients. Most so-called marketing agencies simply don’t understand this basic fact. Rather than focusing on increasing your revenue, they love to use inflated or artificial web traffic numbers to sell you add-on packages that are nothing but a waste of money. If they can sell you an expensive website design that lacks conversion value, their worthless Facebook, Twitter and Instagram campaigns, or some shady SEO tricks, they think they’ve succeeded by convincing you to pump money into their bank account. However, if all of that doesn’t bring you increased revenue and help your company grow, you might as well have burned your money in the incinerator.

Your sales should be the real priority. As the most reliable website design, SEO and search engine marketing company in Minneapolis St. Paul, we never forget that. We’re not interested in ego-building strategies or creating beautiful websites that serve as nothing more than an online business card. We’re not competing for design awards or trying to build buzz for our services. Our only goal is to increase your profits by creating search engine-based marketing tools that effectively attract, retain and convert your web visitors into actual paying clients and customers. Here’s what that conversion rate optimization requires:

Not all web traffic is the same. The traffic that is brought in by well-implemented search engine optimization and AdWords PPC campaigns has high conversion value. Traffic from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter has an extremely low conversion rate. More web visitors DO NOT automatically result in more leads or sales. Your potential customers need to be convinced that your company offers exactly what they are looking for before they contact you instead of your competitors. If you take the time to understand what your new customers are most concerned about, you can provide them with valuable information through which you earn their trust and confidence. Optimizing web conversion is crucial to your success.

Conversion Optimization for Minnesota Businesses

Conversion is always our highest priority at iRevamp. Your website is the tool that makes that happen. We’re all business and no nonsense, and will give you frank, honest information about what works and what doesn’t. When it comes to the all-important goal of turning website visitors into new customers, we have a proven track record of success for a wide range of companies in Minneapolis St. Paul and nationwide. When you contact us for a free evaluation of your current website, we’ll analyze the reasons it’s not giving you the increased leads and revenue. We’ll help you create an internet marketing plan built around a well-designed, thoroughly optimized website that is built to help increase your profits. Put us to work for you and we’ll keep your company competitive.