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  • Why does SEO and website writing require special skills?
  • Does your website have answers to your customers’ common questions?
  • Why does poorly written content hurt your website’s rankings?

A slogan that dates back to the beginning of the internet says, “Content is King.” That’s never been as true as it is today, but the slogan should now say, “Quality Content is King.” On every business website, you tell your story through words. If you tell that story well, you build trust, provide the answers that visitors need to make an informed decision, and you encourage them to contact you and become customers. If you fail to convey your message well, web visitors will leave almost as soon as they arrive. Today, the reality is that most websites don’t offer anything that is worth reading. There are many reasons why that is true. In most cases, the business owners don’t realize the important role that web content plays in attracting visitors and converting them to leads. Then they hire graphics-centered web designers who build web sites that can’t accommodate any text content. In other cases, the copywriters are unskilled and have no idea what does and doesn’t work. In some extreme cases, the business owners even copy content from other online sources and just paste it into their websites. In every case, the result is failure of the website to perform its three main functions: To attract, inform, and convert visitors into your new customers. Here’s why outstanding copywriting does just the opposite:

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As the recognized leader in website design and search engine optimization in the Minneapolis St. Paul area, our reputation depends on the results we produce for our clients. Unlike many web designers and self-proclaimed SEO companies, we understand that superior content is a crucial part of every successful website. iRevamp’s team includes professional website marketing writers with decades of experience. They understand your business. They understand your customers. They understand search engine optimization requirements. Working hand-in-hand with our web designers and SEO consultants, they create content that meets the highest standards of excellence. The resulting combination produces strong business growth. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll show you why our websites deliver customers.