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  • What can you do to keep your web visitors interested in your company?
  • What does a beautiful website have poor rankings?
  • How can a web visitor tell your company apart from your competitors?

Most website design companies work very hard to produce beautiful looking website home pages for their clients. With their backgrounds in graphic design, they are just doing what they know best. They know that a graphics-heavy website will impress the business owner. What they don’t know anything about is what impresses website visitors. That’s because they don’t take the trouble to find out. The fact is: Your potential customers and clients don’t really care how beautiful your website is. That’s not what they are looking for.

Since over 90 percent of people who arrive at any website came there after a search on Google or another search engine, it’s important to know what those visitors want to know. That’s simple: They visit web sites to find information that helps them solve a problem or make a decision. That’s what they searched for. Maybe they need to hire a contractor or buy a new product. If they land on your website after a search, what happens next depends on how well the site is designed. Here are the real facts about website design that truly connects with visitors:

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What’s your goal for your company’s website? If that goal isn’t to inform site visitors and convert them into leads and customers, you’re on the wrong track. Your website doesn’t need to dazzle you or anyone; it needs to build your business. As the leader in SEO website design in Minneapolis St. Paul, we build attractive search results-focused websites at iRevamp, but we don’t stop there. We create websites that make your success our top priority. We focus on giving visitors the information they’re looking for and showing them why they should choose your company. We use our extensive knowledge about visitor behavior to provide them exactly what they seek. We transform your website into a powerful lead generating tool. Contact us for a no-cost consultation, and we’ll show you our history of success and propose a website-based marketing plan to help your business succeed.