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  • How can I avoid the most common SEO mistakes?
  • Why is having no SEO better than having cheap SEO?
  • Why doesn’t do-it-yourself SEO ever work?

We get calls from business owners on a regular basis. They tell us that their websites aren’t performing and that they can’t be found in Google searches. All too often, they’ve paid web design companies or self-proclaimed SEO consultants to create and optimize their websites, but they never get the increased rankings, web traffic, or new revenue that they were promised. They have paid high prices for that work, but have put their trust in the wrong companies. It’s a story we hear all the time. In many cases, these business owners have come to believe that the internet is useless to them. But the truth is that the unqualified SEO companies who they have hired are useless. Search engine marketing that works well consistently over time isn’t easy. In fact, it’s a science that’s understood by very few SEO optimizers, but by almost no web designers at all.

Getting results that bring visitors to your website and convince them to choose your business requires expertise, experience, and research that most internet marketing companies don’t have. That’s especially true with search engine optimization. Incompetent website designers and unscrupulous SEO companies will be happy to make promises and take your money, but can’t deliver the increased leads and sales that are vital to your business growth. In providing the most trusted web design and optimization consulting services in Minneapolis St. Paul, we have seen plenty of businesses that wasted their money on strategies that are doomed to failure. Here are the six most common fatal mistakes we have found:

If Your SEO Fails to Attract Visitors, Your Website Can’t Create Business

Any business owners who make the above mistakes are sure to have limited or zero success. If your website can’t be found on search engines, nobody will see it, and your failure in getting maximal exposure at Google is good news only to your competitors. The hard reality: The majority of small and medium-sized business websites are all but useless. Any website that can’t be found is a complete waste of your marketing budget. We know this is true, because time and time again we’ve redesigned and revamped this type of website, using proven search engine marketing practices. We’ve helped transform the business from a struggling company into a fast-growing success. We’re proud of what we have accomplished for our clients.

Minnesota Professional Web Design and Search Engine Marketing in Minneapolis St. Paul

If your current website SEO isn’t bringing in a regular stream of new business, stop pumping money into a failed plan that will never work for you. Instead, contact iRevamp, the most trusted website optimization service company in the Twin Cities. We’ll provide a thorough evaluation of your website at no charge and with no obligation. If your search engine optimization and website content aren’t delivering new customers and ideal rankings, we can help. Starting with a free consultation, we will analyze your website in-depth. We’ll propose a new plan that will meet your goals and fit within your marketing budget. Let us show you the actual results we’ve obtained for our clients. We don’t make empty promises. We get the business growth you need.